Wednesday, October 20, 2004

So I've been spending alot of time with Bars & Guitars, clearly neglecting this little spot. I was thinking today about something that Gwadzilla wrote recently regarding an email exchange we had. I had told him that working on Bars & Guitars was a bit of a dream job for me, except that I don't get paid. Despite his mild protestations I'm going to stick with that original declaration. His point was that every dream becomes a job once it's an everyday thing. I was bike messenger once and probably dreamed that owning a messenger company would be the best thing in the world. Truth is I never really believed that at all. I loved being a bike messenger, but knew I didn't want to and indeed couldn't physically do it forever. There was no mental stimulation in the job and in alot of ways it was a way to kill time as I waited for better things to happen. I moved into the office and became a first rate dispatcher, eventually seizing an oppurtunity when I saw it starting my company. None of things that had gone before were dream jobs. I certainly never dreamt of owning a messenger company or any company of any kind for that matter. It was an oppurtunity and I took it. Music is a different story. Music is a love, not a dream. If you love something you probably won't tire of it. Of course I'm not talking about key lime pie or the feel of leather seats. I'm talking about something that awakens you both intellectually and emotionally. It makes you think, drives you to find out more and makes you want to be actively engaged with it. Being engaged with it can mean doing it (though I'm no musician), producing it (I don't know what working for a record label is like), or writing about it. The writing part I can do and the more I do it the more I like it. I don't need to get paid to do it. It's simply something that I want to do, if that translated into monetary compensation at some point...well, great. A dream job is first knowing the dream when you stumble upon it, a dream job doesn't grow from a job into a dream. It must start on the other end.
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