Monday, November 22, 2004

Well in a victory for all of us closing in on 40 my basketball team won the league championship last night. My team was composed of a bunch of guys who I play at the YMCA with. Good guys all in all and we play well together since we play against/with each other a few times a week. We're are a bit older, though I'd say I'm the oldest, and we beat a team that we probably shouldn't have. Bunch of youngsters. I shot the lightouts and got clutch at the free throw line hitting six in a row (they were intentionally fouling) with time running out. Good stuff. And today I turn 38. Yet another aging athlete trying to hold on to his glory days. Sad, sad indeed.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

This has been taking up all my time. I'm just more excited about music than the mundanities of my life. If you spend some time at Bars & Guitars you can glean pretty much what I'm thinking about.

Here in SF the rains have begun. We've had at least 2 impressive storms that employed lightening and thunder to great effect. Really good old testament fire and brimstone house shaking stuff. Otherwise it's been a steady drizzle.

I'm off to las Vegas this weekend with wife and friends. I'm not much of a gambler, but after living in California for so long it's nice to go out in a city that doesn't shut down at 2am.

Samantha being in Kindergarten has been a really interesting social phenomenon. Once your kid gets into the local public school system it's amazing how engaged in the community you become. I've met the parents of most of the kids in Sam's kindergarten class and they are an interesting bunch. Made some good friends as well. Hopefully I'll know all these people all the way through Sam's high school, though in todays world there's so much moving around. One of the most interesting couples is two gay men who have 4 kids. One of them is sperm donor for all 4 kids and the same woman carried them all. So there's, obviously, a resemblance between them all. The kids range from 5 (Sam's best friend) down to 6 months. My God but those men are knee deep in poop for like 2 1/2 more years. Wonderful people, so witty and such wonderful parents. It makes you wonder why people are so opposed to gay marriage. I've got news for you, "the gays" have absolutely no interest in your life. They're just trying to live, love, and get by like the rest of us. Destroying western society as we know it isn't even on their radar, but I guess everyone needs something or someone to villify. Sin is Jethro living in Creepy Hollow, Ky with a 15year old cousin for a bride or degenerate alcoholic straight people being allowed to breed unregulated, not 2 healthy intelligent people who love each other trying to make a life.

Thus endeth the ramble.

Peace to all.

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