Friday, October 01, 2004

Jetset News: Today's the day that the rates go up. Exciting stuff. I guess. More stressful than anything though the feedback from clients since I sent out a letter announcing the impending change has been overwhelmingly positive. We'll see how they feel when they get their bill for the month of October. It's a fair increase that averages on the whole a little more than %12.1. When you consider that we haven't raised the rates in over 4 years this is very fair. It's essentially a cost of living increase of %3 per year. That's what the government preaches anyway.

Music Blogs: I don't know if you (I mean of course all 4 of the fine readers of my blog) are privy to this new thing called music blogs. It's really kinda cool. People blogging about music they like, but putting up MP3's as well, usually like 2 or 3 per day. There's a disclaimer on all the sites saying basically: I'll take it down if this pisses you off. But when you think about it, a popular music blog is getting alot of hits and for a small band or a small label this kind of exposure to the "trend makers" is invaluable. I'm hesitant with that "trendmakers" comment, but I couldn't think of a better word. To put it into high school terms I definitely get the feeling from the music blogs I read daily that it's the "cool" kids doing it, exposing others to music they think is cool. There are no links to the new Justin Timberlake single (or maybe there is), it's all hard to find indie rock, singer songwriters, house music, downtempo, hip hop, rare soul. It's an absolute treasure trove of info for people (and I include myself in this description) who are totally nerded out on music (another high school reference, wait until I work in hesher). I can't get enough, but no longer have the time to spend hours a day browsing record stores. This is an ideal replacement. Here are the Music Blogs that I read pretty much every day:

New Flux
Music For Robots
Clap Clap
Tofu Hut
Said The Gramophone

Each is different. It passes the time.
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