Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I tried to watch the vice prez debate. I just couldn't. It's something about Cheney. He makes me crazy. He's sweaty and bald and doughy. Granted Edwards is an airbrushed, toned down, blander version of RFK but still at least he doesn't make your skin crawl. In fact I bet he makes some of the ladies skin do the exact opposite.

Does anyone else love good frozen food? The Annie's, the Ethinic Gourmet, all the Trader Joe's stuff. Forget the wheel, mankind really leaped ahead when we invented the microwave. It's not the I don't like to cook, I do, it's just that everything I cook comes out the same no matter what it is: slightly bland and yet a little too salty. I'm the same way with carpentry: make a chair that looks ok (maybe a little crooked) but for the love of God don't try to sit on it.

What is it with little girls and putting on shows? Samantha spent like an hour last night performing for me. She had costume changes, lighting (me holding a flashlight), Music, dancing. It was frickin' hilarious. She's got some moves too. Her Grandma says that Tami did the same thing when she was little. Is it a girl thing or a genetic thing. I tell ya she's gonna be a star.

Work related: The price change seems to have gone fairly smoothly. No complaints. The huge problem right now is trying to collect money from the Gap. It's not like they don't have any money, it's a Kafkaesque maze of mid level accountants that we're dealing with. They owe us almost $30,000. You try to get the money it's "resend that invoice", "we never received it", "the format isn't right". The killer is that if one of their job numbers is incorrect (if their people give us the wrong one or we get it wrong) they don't pay the entire invoice. So in a typical month they bill to like 80 different job numbers. If the one for $6 is wrong, they don't pay the entire $6,500 bill. The kicker is that they don't tell you that it's wrong. It'll be months before you hear that a certain invoice has to be resent. Frustrating. Chasing money around and around and around.

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