Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Time for the weekly blogging. I've been a bit overwhelmed with work lately, one of my partners left to go out of town for a week on pretty last minute notice so I've had to work longer hours than I'd like. My partner's met a very wealthy woman. I'm glad for him but I hope these last minute jets to england aren't going to be de rigeur. As far as the financial health of the company goes it was certainly a smart move to let our only office employee go, but it sure does put more stress on the office and me. Samantha seems to be liking kindergarten very much, though the after care and before care seems to be a little lacking and this cause for some consternation as neither Tami or myself feels very good about dropping Sam off there. The main problem is the amount of kids that utilize the after care, there is little attention paid to any kind of sensible student to caregiver ratio. But the most troubling part of the situation is how many "big" kids there are. We're just not comfortable having Sam in situation where there are many 2 kindergarteners on some days and like 20 3rd to 6th graders. I think it's intimidating and stressful for her.

My league basketball team is 3-0 which is nice but there have been so many midweek games thus far that it's been a little stressful getting everything scheduled out. Got a game tonight in fact, but after this it's Sundays from here on out.

Was working under the house the other day cleaning stuff out and smacked my head on a beam. The gash actually compliments the shiner that I got in my last basketball game, now it looks more like I've been in bar fight though I like to tell people that Tami beat me up because I know she'd probably like to.
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