Tuesday, September 28, 2004

This chickie-poo is very funny. DC folk may already know her since that's where she's based, but you gotta love a wise ass woman who likes to have a drink or two: www.wonkette.com

Using a little bit of early morning quiet to write and read the paper. Soon all hell will break loose and I get to spend the day alone in the office, answering phones, dispatching, and being frustrated. Did I mention that I have a cold and a sore throat? Let me introduce myself, I am Senor Whiner. Or you can refer to my as El Grande Whinador or El Jefe de los Whinadores. Please no email about my spanglish. It's a joke.

If you haven't taken my advice at listened to Go-Team, then do yourself a favor and go to the www.memphis-industries.com site and check 'em out. One day they'll tour the US and it will be all kinds of fun.

Jetset has been busy as a beaver in the redwoods lately. It's been a very good September, which is what I would expect coming off a typically mellow summer. It's a very standard delivery pattern. Slow summer months followed by a major ramp up in the first 2 1/2 months of fall (Sept., Oct. 2 weeks of Nov.) as companies prepare for the holidays. Things mellow around Thanksgiving, pick up again until Xmas and then January is hit or miss. I wonder to what extent work will be affected by the presidential race. During the Gore/Bush fiasco, as the country waited with bated breath for Bush to ulimately steal the election through a partisan judiciary (this after employing overtly racist gerrymandering tactics in Florida) work was absolutely dead. Next, of course, came the dot com fallout and a general country wide malaise/depression that is only now starting to lift. But in its wake resides a bitterly divided country left in emotional shambles after 4 years (more really when you consider the damage that Gingrich did) of divisive politics by Heir Bush in which he wedged enough issues into the middle of the country that you now have to charter a car ferry 3 months in advance if you want to drive from one coast to the other.

Oh, and this just in from our current administration: despite the worst hurricane season on record, the documented melting of every major glacial field on the planet, the noted sinking of a number of islands in Micronesia, drought, unseasonable heat in Europe, the coldest winter on record in Europe, the jury is still out on global warming. Check back in 10 to 15 years, it should be too late to do anything by then.

It also seems that (despite conservative auto-makers, no guidance from the administration {whatever did happen to all that R&D money for fuel cells}) alternative fuel vehicles are becoming commonplace enough that in 2005 american auto makers will release 3 hybrid SUV's. Unfucking believable. American automakers pulled kicking and screaming to a technology that the Japanese auto-makers wisely began investing in years and years ago. So basically the Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid are so commonplace now that no one bats an eye at the idea of a hybrid vehicle, that must mean it's safe for the US auto-makers to come out from under their rocks and build some cars.

I'm bitter.
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