Thursday, September 30, 2004

Here's a good question that a gentleman in Berkeley has been trying to get journalistst to ask Bush and Kerry, or any politician of a national stature for that matter:

Will you agree never to accept any personal profits flowing from any military action you authorize or promote?

So simple and so telling. It cuts right to the point doesn't it?

I've got a nasty little head cold at the moment. Sucks the creativity right out of me. There's a good article in the New Yorker about Gavin Newsom the current SF mayor. I must say that after a very divisive election that pitted the wealthy Newsom against young liberal Mission dweller Matt Gonzalez, I've been presently surprised by Newsom. If he's the future of the Dems then perhaps I've got some hope.

Here's hoping the snot drains out of my head.
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