Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Well yesterday was the big day. Samantha went off to Kindergarten. She seemed pretty well unfazed by the whole thing, though I was freaking out. You just can't help but worried about your kids when they take steps like this. You just want them to always be safe and happy and unstressed. I think she had a real good day but you could tell when we picked her up that it had been a long day full of new things. A bit overwhelming perhaps. It just breaks my heart knowing that she's growing up so quickly. Maybe one more kid? I don't know. I just don't know.

Actually did some biking this weekend. Took the Retrotec over to China Camp in San Rafael and was reminded once again about how much I love mountain biking. If I had any sense I'd make more of an effort to ride more. But there always seems to be something in the way or something that I allow to get in my way. It's funny because mountain biking is how my wife and I met but now it's so hard to ride together, but as Samantha gets bigger hopefully that will change. Maybe Sam will be into biking and come with. Who knows.

The DFL cross races start this evening. Probably one of the most casual and most fun race series that was ever put on. $5 to enter but free if you wear a dress (hence its pun on cross-race). I always try to make a cyclocross race or two during the fall, they're fun, great work out and usually (usually) a bit more relaxed than the ultra weeny summer race season. Sometimes I miss the days of the Nor Cal Single Speed race series. There were some amazing riders in those races (I can recall such pros as Daryll Price and Travis Brown coming out to race) and a great core group of men and women who were competitive but loved the camaraderie more than the competition, that loved a hard race but loved the beer and BBQ afterward just as much. Those were the silly days of my youth when I would happily ride a 45mile race on my single speed, smoke just about everyone riding geared bikes and then party into the night. But now I'm fighting a gut and spending what seems like a lifetime each day behind a computer monitor. I think I'm whining. I better shut up.

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