Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sometimes you've just got to let injuries heal properly. I, however, am very bad at doing this. About 2 weeks ago I mildly separated my shoulder playing basketball. It wasn't that bad, really. I felt it come out a bit (maybe the muscle was torn) and I kind of shrugged my shoulder and fell back into place. But clearly I had done some ligature and/or muscular damage. I've been trying to be really good about just staying off it but I've tried to play hoops once in the last 2 weeks and probably will again tonight. It's just certain positions that give me some discomfort. I just have such a hard time being sedentary. It makes me crazy and grumpy. I should just ride my bike more when I can't play hoops, but. It's not so much the near term I worry about with these injuries it 's the long term. Will I one day pay for all these sprained ankles and jammed fingers with an atrociously arthritic limp and fingers that look like they have marbles for joints? Probably. But the die has been cast already so what are you gonna do. I should probably take up yoga or something else that encourages stretching and the general limberness of the body but really that's about as likely as me becoming a pastry chef.

Nice to see old W eating some crow on the whole "Swift Boat veterans for truth" deal. It just seems impossible to me that W could win again. But then I remember that I live in the bay area and it's not the bookends of the country that we worry about it's the middle. I read an interesting book review yesterday talking essentially about what a good job the right has done with creating wedge issues that portray the democrats as woefully out of step with the rest of the country. Not talking about economic issues here but culturla ones: abortion, gun control, gay marriage, etc. The sad truth is that in places like Kansas the right has essentially plundered that state with their economic policies, family farms have been destroyed, employment is terrible, industry deregulation has polluted the state, urban centers have been abandoned. You'd think people would be pissed about this, but instead the right has successfully kept people voting for them by making them believe strongly in the wedge issues and not giving much thought to the economic policies that come along with electing the right. Interesting stuff.
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