Monday, August 23, 2004

I often feel like I have to apologize when it's been so long since I last posted. Though I don't really know who I'm apologizing to. It's not like there are thousands of hungry fans patiently waiting for the next word the drips out my head. I've been hard at work the past week creating a new rate structure for the company. We're raising rates with an Oct. 1 start date but we're also changing the zone structure. We traditionally have had SF divided into 5 zones with a rate that corresponds to each zone. We're changing that zone structure to 6 zones, changing the sizes of some the zones, etc. The tricky thing about all this is that the computer system looks into a complex database of street names and addresses to compute the price for a delivery. In changing the zones we have to go in and change the basic premise on which the computer makes its calculation. Let's say the computer formerly recognized that the 400 block of Fillmore was in zone 3 and therefore meant the price of a bike delivery was X dollars. Now we've got to adjust the database so that the computer knows that the segment of fillmore st that is 400 is now in zone 4 and now must price at X dollars. All this nonsense is based on a series of about 60 geographic zones from which the pricing zones are derived. If you want to change the prices you have to carve the geo zones to fit your pricing zones and this involves dumping everything into Excel and making many small (sometimes large) often tedious adjustments to these zones. That's what I've been doing for the last week. Boring.

Went camping this week in the sierras. Specifically a section of the Stanislaus National Forest. Beautiful country just north of a little town called Arnold. A very chilly river ran close to the campsite which was quite refreshing given the 90degree weather. There was a rope swing and lots of good people and too much beer. Samantha even went swimming in the river so you know it wasn't too cold. I've got a great little video of my wife going off a rope swing into the river that I'll try to post a link to as soon as I get it off the camera. Good stuff. We didn't take our bikes which is too bad because there was lots of really good remote riding out there. Next time for sure. It had been a while since I last camped, I like my luxuries (like a nice place where I can crap) so I've never been completely sold on the whole camping idea, and had forgotten how dirty you get. Despite swimming in the river it seemed near impossible to keep Samantha from looking like a 1920's applachian child of coal mining parents who were waiting for the arrival of electricity and indoor plumbing. But that's part of camping and why I can't go for longer than 2 1/2 days at a time. Unless of course you camp like my wife's parents who haul a studio apartment with all the conveniences behind their truck.

In news of my Golden State Warriors it looks like they've finally found a decent sign and trade deal for Eric Dampier. We'll ship him off to Dallas and get a couple of draft picks and players in return. It's a great deal for the Warriors. In the past the Warriors would've let Dampier go for small soda and a bag of chips and then thanked the team we were trading with by allowing them to kick us in the nuts twice. This is much better. I've got hope for this year, could the 10 year playoff drought end?? Hmmm, could be....

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