Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Well it appears that Lance has the tour well in hand. He looked so stong on those climbs. I love to watch him climb (Basso as well in this case). It reminds me of being in great shape (oh it was so long ago) riding my single speed everywhere, racing it, creaming geared riders on it, and that familiar out of the saddle cadence, swinging the bike side to side, rocking the bike into a rhythm that seemed unstoppable, on days I thought I could climb forever. Those days are few a far between now, though occasionally when working on the Surly I get a few moments of satisfaction as I pound up Nob Hill, that of course is now followed by a few minutes of vomiting but what can you do...

I'm going to unload a couple of bikes. I want to buy a Retrotec, a mountain bike I've long had my eye on, and I've found one used here in the bay area, built up with XTR. It's a reasonable price as well but I've decided I've got to get rid of my Blue Collar single speed frame and my KHS Fleetwood cruiser frame (such a pretty bike) before I add more to the stable. I've just got no storage.

It's totally goofy but I love the NBA off season. All the wheeling dealing! The Warriors are in the thick of it. It's the best time to be a Warriors fan because they haven't played any games yet.

Where does Lance stand with the greats of cycling. Arguably the top 5 riders in history are: Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain and Armstrong. Merckx is easily at the #1 spot and I think Indurain and Lance are tied for 4th/5th. Rarified company to be included in at all. History will decide how Lance's legend grows or diminishes.
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