Wednesday, July 28, 2004

So, yes. The company's financial situation is perilous. Things aren't totally out of hand. I believe with some severe cutbacks we can be profitable again, but right now the belt tightening is difficult. Laying off Lance was a very unpleasant thing. He was clearly upset about it. I can't blame him. If we didn't have to do it we wouldn't. So it's perhaps a bit gloomy around here. It's all just a huge pain in the ass in lots of different ways. It seems very much like a failure of some sort. When we started years ago we had these visions of being a messenger company that did all the right things for its employees: high commissions, health benefits, etc. We did lots of things that most companies our size wouldn't dream of doing and we were proud of that. But we started doing these things when money was plentiful. It was the dot com years and we had more cash than we knew what to do with, we weathered the difficult years following the crash only to end up here, battered by workers comps, taxes, the cost of doing business. We dug out of this hole before and hopefully we will again. Anyone want to buy a messenger service? I'm sure you could make good money if you knew what you were doing.
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