Thursday, July 22, 2004

I hear word that the link I posted for the pics of Retrotec frames didn't work. I don't know why and I'm not smart enough to try to fix it without wasting the better part of my day. I will say that I've found a Retrotec for sale in the bay area. I found it on Craigslist being sold by a guy down in Woodside. It's about 8 years old but supposedly ridden very little. It's burnt orange (great color) and is set up with alot of older XTR stuff. The guy wants $750 for the whole bike and won't sell me the frame alone. Here's my conundrum: I really only want the frame because I can build it up pretty well with parts I've got. I can get a production Retrotec frame only brand new from the builder for slighty less than a grand, probably slightly over with tax, Do I shell for a new one or buy the used one and get some XTR (though older) and wheel set and front shock, etc. in the deal and pay about $300 less? I'm going to see the used bike tomorrow after work so perhaps things will become more apparent after the viewing. Maybe it won't even fit me? The obesssion continues and if my history of obsessing about bikes (my old Voodoo Wazoo, KHS Fleetwood, Sycip single speed) holds true it will be fulfilled.

Lance crushes the field once again. That time trial was a pretty amazing athletic feat. To dominate his closest rivals like that, wow. Again today he won the stage though I'm not sure what the point of beating Kloden at the line was. Kloden is no where near him in the GC. Oh well. I think Lance is really trying to put an exclamation point on his 6th Tour. And that exclamation point is an absolute drubbing of anyone who believes they can compete with him. But let's face it, this Tour hasn't been nearly as exciting as last years when the race was close and had many intriguing stories not the least of which was Tyler Hamilton competing and getting 4th with a broken collar bone. It would be more appropriate to swap this years tour with last years, Lance should've struggled more to win his sixth, it should have been more dramatic but instead it appears more business like for the best cyclist in the world. My hat remains off to him. I stand by my earlier declaration of screw the French cycling fans and press and add to it a general wave of my genitals to the obnoxious German fans. With the historical obsession of the Germans with the production of a perfect race (something I refer to as uber-honkey) you'd think they'd be happy to see Lance crush the rest of the world. Oh wait, he isn't German. Tainted blood, tainted blodd!!

Lately the blog has been very much and cycling and my general rants and not so much work. That's because work is a crashing bore. It's summer and that's a traditionally slow time for messenger services, indeed we are holding to the historic trend. I just don't feel like writing about it. If something cool happens or terrible or interesting I will.

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