Thursday, July 15, 2004

I don't know if it's summer or what but I'm having a hard time doing any blogging. It's like the effort to move my fingers is too much, I get overwhelmed and have to eat a Snickers bar.

None the less here I am. I'm concerned with the company's precarious financial situation lately. Since our bookkeeping is more or less inept it's hard to know exactly but my numbers don't look very good. We're spending out more than it being collected so our debt is growing. Not quickly but growing. We need to cut monthly expenses and that means unpleasant and unpopular decisions. We need to cut back on the amount we contribute to employee health insurance and we need to cut back the hours of our only salaried employee or lay him off all togther. These are our only large fixed expenses. The ownership in having a meeting on friday to talk about these issues and we'll see what gets hashed out.

I'm still on Lance's side. I'm choosing not to believe the doping rumors or the self serving book that's recently been published supposedly showing that he was trying to hide his steroid use. Mostly because I don't like the way the French media has constantly attacked him over the years.

How about the Shaq trade? That is a huge NBA shake up. All of a sudden my Warriors are competing with the Lakers for the 8th playoff spot. Who would've thunk it? I love the NBA off season. It's the best time to be a Warriors fan because you can be eternally optimistic since no games have been played yet and thus no losses.
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