Friday, June 04, 2004

There's just been a litany of disturbing news in the last week:

1) The killing of Doctors without Borders staff in Afghanistan. What a stupid idea. This just seems to highlight everything that's wrong with both the insurgencies in Irag and Afghanistan. The majority wants to begin moving towards some kind of peaceful stability, while a minority blinded by their cause makes things progressively worse. Please don't read this statement as being in favor of the Iraq war. The US continues to make blunders and decisions as despicable as the actions of those who oppose "us".

2) Bush's trip to Europe. Everytime he leaves the country I brace myself for whatever wrongheaded, misspoken statement he's going to make.

3) The continued success of the neo-cons. Their successes are largely diminished by Bush's absurd attempts to justify what's going on in Iraq. Still the movement of this country away from the idea of a separation of church and state towards a theocracy based on the fact that our president believes he was "chosen" by God. His faith based initiatives are little more window dressing that allows this administration to dispense cash to religous organizations that share its fundamental conservatism on all social issues.

Ok my political rambling is out of the way. Not much to report in the way of work. I leave for 2 weeks of vacation on June 19th. It'll be a nice break. I've been handling basically all the administrative duties while my partner who usually does the books is on vacation. It gets a bit stressful but I feel like I have a better understanding of the businesses big picture. I'm looking forward to giving my newly minted MBA wife the books and seeing what she can come up with.

Here's a good quote from a David Berman poem:

"Maybe we need to give up on these simplistic
'us vs. them' oppositions that we shouldn't believe in,
but in our anger do."

When I read that line it really made me think about things like: patriotism, religion, geography, history, all the little things that we as humans use to create "important" differences between each other. So many of these notions should be regarded as antiquated, as done, as relics of a time when we behaved monstrously towards one another. In this day and age it just seems like these notions should be minor considerations within the larger context of "how do we make sure everyone is treated with equality, compassion and justice". And by everyone I mean just that. I don't think that it's the least bit unpatriotic to try to envision a United States that relates to the rest of the world as brother as opposed to a domineering father.

Boy I'm just full of it today aren't I? These things have been on my mind lately.

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