Monday, May 03, 2004

once again I'm lazy on the blog. My current time muncher is that I've been spending a fair amount of time on the road. It's nice riding and the weather's been great. I also had a couple of long days in the office, which happens from time to time. Billing goes out the door and it's another month of waiting to see who pays their bill. Doing collections pretty much blows but it's part of the game. I hate when you get an attitude from people like we're imposing for asking for the money that's owed us.

Samantha has strep throat which pretty much took up my whole day. Had to go to the doctor then get the anti-biotic scrip filled and the whole time she's just miserable. A real trooper though. She perked up in the afternoon and seems normal after a half day of anti-biotics. I think we caught it in time. There are a couple of kids at school that have had strep so when she started complaining about a sore throat and had a fever I didn't hesitate to go to the doctor.

I believe our relationship with the dismissed employee is officially over. He opted not to take COBRA for his health benefits, returned his radio and charger, and got his final check. I think we've seen the last. This is a good thing. I'm trying to work the schedule so that we don't have to hire by putting myself and one of my partners on the road a bit more. It's good for our bottom line as well because all the work that we do goes untouched by payroll taxes, commissions, workers comp, etc.

I put a new bottom bracket in the Surly and i think the spindle is just a couple of millimeters longer than the old one because I have some unfamiliar aches in the knees and ankles and hips. I'm sure I'll adjust but I'm no spring chicken these days. I've also committed to stretching more, but please no lectures about how great yoga is. I promise to be better about posting.
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