Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Greetings ladies and germs. It's been too long or as the song by America (or is it Bread? Is there a difference) goes "I've been one poor correspondent...(I usually just start humming the lyrics after that)". Can we consider blogging correspondence? A correspondence is a 2 way street and blogging tends to go just one way even with the comments aspect of the blog. My slightly lame attendence here at Different Hours speaks to a problem I had in college when I would take classes that involved keeping some kind of journal that had to be turned in at the end of the semester. I'd start strong with many well thought out entries concerning early American Romantic poets or the dietary habits of the Yanamano indians, slowly get distracted by college life and eventually spend 8 straight hours the night before the journal was due creating a semester of entries. At least I was smart enough to use different pens for each entry.

My wife is currently engaged in the Atkins diet. It's totally counter intuitive to me. No fruit, but go ahead and have as many t-bone steaks as you'd like. No bread, have a whole turkey. Fortunately she's not riding alot right now, otherwise I think the diet would make her loopy from lack of sustaining calories. Myself i recently had my yearly physical and am pleased to report that all the bits and pieces are in good working order. Thanks to an active lifestyle all the vitals tend to fall well within the high end of the healthful range. This is totally boring information but it's also a clarion call to all readers who are over the age of 35 (that's just about all my friends at this stage of the game) that you should be getting checked out regularly at this stage of the game. It sucks to be poked and prodded (and prodded in all the wrong places) but if (God forbid) you're going to get sick it's best to catch it early. And please remember to spay and neuter your cats.

We've started taking credit cards at work, something that in the past always seemed like a time consuming burden. However this state of mind was developed when there was so much business that we could pick and choose accounts and dictate payment terms. We basically didn't want to deal with a customer who only wanted to do one job and pay by credit card. I've come to realize (in this more challenging and realistic economy) that anyway to bring in revenue is a good way to bring in revenue. CC Info is entered in a "virtual" terminal through a website. It's all really quite easy, I don't know why exactly we never did it before. The best thing about it is that it allows current customers to pay their bills via credit card if they so choose. That's a good thing. It's another step into modern business practices for the little company. Pretty soon now I think we may even take out an ad in the yellow pages. I know, I'm talking crazy now.

Samantha turned 5 years old on Sunday. Unbelievable. It's just silly how fast life goes once you have children. I think it's that you have such an obvious, in your face way to mark the passing time. I look at her and can't believe that I used to hold her in the crook of my forearm. Now I can barely pick her up. Crazy.

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