Thursday, April 08, 2004

So I heard about this internet only show back in the DC area that has all sorts of local celebs involved (Bill Crandall, Ian McKaye and others). Their first show got about 1,200 hits and they're hoping to get picked up by a local TV station. It seems like real good stuff. Anti-establishment kid show that's masquerading as adult entertainment or vice versa depending on how you look at it. They don't believe in the constant barrage of toy, candy and breakfast cereal adds that our kids are deluged with as they are molded into good little capitalists. The seems like the best parts of Teletubbies, Romper Room, Soul Train and Dance Party USA. I understand that in one segment they have different bands on that perform their favorite kids songs. They've had Ian Mckaye's new band The Evens, Vic Chestnutt and from the pics on the website at least one hip hop group. Sounds really cool and if any of you cats back in DC no more about it let me know. I'm curious.

We did indeed finally make a hire here at work. We hired a girl which is a welcome addition to our male dominated crew. The irony is that the guy we offered a job to, and who subsequently declined it, came into the office this morning and asked if the job was still available. Oh well, tough cookies. I think it actually works out better this way.

I figured out that when Jesus was crucified it's a little known fact that he was put on the cross wearing fuzzy bunny slippers and thus the whole deal with rabbits on Easter. Now you know.

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