Thursday, April 22, 2004

Man it's been too long since I posted (or blogged I guess) last. Funny how life kind of gets in the way of things sometimes. Work has been very busy. This is good and bad. Of course you always want work coming in. That's the idea. That's how the company makes money. The drawbacks to being busy is cash flow. Since Jetset is always paying out employees with money that essentially hasn't been collected yet. We bill on net 30 terms and I often think that we would've been much better served if we had originally set our terms as net 15. So what happens is that when we have a really good month, as we did last month billing about $11,000 over our average, since we pay commission we have very high payroll costs associated with the billing. High payroll also = high workers comp since workers comp is based on payroll. We've got to trim the fat around here one way or another. It's no fun when you have to start thinking about laying off your one hourly worker but when payroll is being covered by line of credit until the money starts to flow in from billing and the owners are forgoing pay, you have to consider all options.

In non work related news my ankle is finally starting to feel better again. I played a ton of basketball last night and it's not my ankle that's sore today, it's my aging bones. I've tried to play twice before last night and my ankle just wasn't allowing me to do the things that I'm normally capable to doing on the basketball court. Couple that with a 3 and a half week layoff and I've shooting some bricks. But last night was good. I played 7 games and every one was a hard fought battle. That's the thing about pick up basketball, be it at the YMCA or an outdoor court, you never know what you're going to get from game to game. It has a lot to do with the level of competition. If teams are evenly matched than the level of play and intensity seems to be higher. Completely mismatched teams = no one even trying and a crap game of hoops. The other X factor is age. Often when playing with high school age kids it's either feast or famine. They play hard or they just want to dribble between their legs alot (they've watched too many And1) and then throw up ugly fade away jumpers. Totally ruins any continuity in the game, makes their teammates resentful and generally makes a mockery of good team basketball. But last night was 7 good games. Everyone played hard. Every game was a battle. Everyone was pouring sweat. The kind of games that as soon as they ended the losing team immediately wanted a rematch. Good stuff. It's why I play.
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