Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Here we are yet another work week. This week will prove to be a bit challenging as we have 2 of 4 drivers out (touring musicians, I hate musicians) and 1 of my partners is out for the majority of the week because his son is in town. Makes staffing a challenge. I'm sure there will be a few points this week when I'm absolutely pulling my hair out. Fortunately we have good working relationships with a number of other small firms so sharing work isn't too much of an issue. Also the first week of a new month is always the slowest though don't ask why that is I haven't figured it out yet.

We were very close to removing some of the dead weight from the bike board last week. We offered a job to a fine candidate and were prepared to release the least productive member of our team. In a stunning turn of events the potential hire decided to stay with his current company after they offered him more money. Frankly I think he's still making less than what he would make with us, but he feels a loyalty to his current employer and that's commendable.

After the very exciting final four games this weekend I must admit that the GT-Uconn final was a bit dissappointing, unless of course you're a Huskies fan. I don't think that the final result of that game was ever in doubt. I think the Uconn-Tennesse womens final tonight will be a much better game. Diane Tuarasi has been playing out of her head, it's too bad there isn't a higher profile womens pro league in the US for her to graduate to. She deserves a better stage on which to showcase her skills.
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