Tuesday, April 13, 2004

100 Words

Stumbled across the above website yesterday. Kind of a cool idea really. Everyday for one month you write exactly 100 words not one more or less and you have to commit to doing it every single day. If you miss a day they won't post all your entries. Check it out it's kind of interesting. Some of the writing is very self indulgent but you often find a pearl.

About 10 or 12 years ago there was a band called Pond. I think they were on Subpop. The record was called Rock Collection. They broke up long ago but I stumbled across a band that has risen from their ashes called Audio Learning Center. ALC seems pretty cool but it really got me curious about that Pond album. So I went down to the underground CD vault (which in my dream world is set up like a dry cleaners and the CDs rotate around on a huge belt driven spinner) and pulled Rock Collection out and dusted it off. That record is frickin' great. If you own it, go listen to it again. It's very hard to find because it's out of print but if you find it used buy it. That shit rocks.

I'm avoiding writing about work because it is a source of terminal frustration lately. I've just gotta cut the dead weight. I'm just not good at firing people. I'll do it if they screw up royally. But not performing up to my standards is such a delicate issue and you've really got to be careful about how you proceed in this litigous day and age. The fella I want to fire has 2 customer complaints against him already and he is on notice, so I'm just hoping he screws up again. He's a nice guy outside of work but a complete jackass on the job and clearly takes it all for granted. We'll see what happens.
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