Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Well the good news is that it is absolutely unbelievably beautiful here today. Actually has been for about the last 3 days and looks like it willl continue through the weekend. It's the kind of day that makes you love northern california, earthquakes and all.

Here's an interesting story. A friend of mine used to own a clothing store/party promotion company called Bullet Proof. They put on great parties, particularly their famous boat parties which were basically floating raves but with great people and great music. I've probably been on about 20 of them and they were always a blast. The brain trust of BF was british and after the dot com fallout he decided to move back to London and manage a club over there. This was about a year ago. According to the couple that now lives at his old flat about a week ago at 6am 5 black suited "thugs" from Homeland Security popped up at his old flat and inquired about the nature of this company called "bullet proof". Couldn't a simple google search have provided them with the necessary answers about the company in question and their insidious unpatriotic ways? What a waste of resources. Not to mention the glory of the American way.

Work developments: here are the current suck ass things about Jetset.

1) The IRS just told us that we owe them $13,000 from the tax year 2000. Oh joy please take money we don't have. They don't tell you why you owe that amount, simply that you do. You've got to penetrate the voicemail hell and get a human that knows what they're talking about in order to figure out if you're getting bent over and screwed and just how hard.

2) A messenger is currently having such challenging personal issues that I don't even feel like I can, in good conscience, blog about them. I mean it's heavy shit. This of course creates a whole slew of personnel issues as there's a possibility that they may take time off. There's nothing worse than starting of your day with another human being breaking down and balling in front of you.

In the grand scheme of things none of it is that big a deal. The IRS thing will work it's self out, I mean if we owe the money then we owe the money and have no one but ourselves to blame. The messenger will figure out life because they're bright and resilient and are in the right city to do it. It just all seems like an uphill battle sometimes for a mere pittance.

Sam's nose is almost all better.

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