Friday, March 19, 2004

Update on the Jetset tax fiasco: As I think I mentioned earlier we did have correspondence with the IRS about out tax misstep in the year 2000. Everyone thought that it was resolved at that time. So back on the phone with the IRS who are kind enough to put the payment requirement on hold for 6 weeks while we figure out what's going on. The interesting thing is that no one that you talk with at the IRS world HQ can tell us why we owe the money that we do. In order to find out why we owe money we have to write the IRS a letter asking them to tell us why we owe them the money. A complicating factor is that we don't have much of a paper trail on this whole thing because we though it had been put behind us. That was immensely stupid on our part. None the less I find it interesting that the helpful folks at the IRS phone center can't give you info as to why they are asking you for money. It's like you get a bill for $2000 from the water company but there's no usage indicator on the bill, just a dollar amount. So you call the water company and say, hey I've got this bill from you guys and I don't really understand why it's so high, did i use alot of water last month? Answer: We don't know. Can you tell my why I owe you so much money? Answer: No, not really. Is there some way in which you can verify that this amount is correct? Answer: Sure, write a letter to us stating that you'd like to know why you owe this amount and we'll pull your file and come up with your answer. This should take 8 weeks.

Seems ass backward doesn't it.

I'm loving the NCAA tournie. I've got a Stanford vs. Gonzaga final. Though MD will always have a special place in my heart.

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