Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Today, for some reason probably because it's real hot, I've been thinking about beer pong. Beer pong was an intergral part of my college life. It was essentially responsible for me failing out of college. For me it was a recipe for disaster: a highly competitive game involving hand eye coordination and lots of drinking that all of my friends liked to play. So of course I did a Google search on "beer pong" and found these guys:

National Beer Pong Association

Lots of interesting pong related things. One of the things you need to understand about beer pong players (and I still consider myself one though I haven't played in years) is that we're fiercely protective about the rules of the game. Frankly most of what's on the site is absolute crap and the very idea that you would play a game called "beer pong" and not play it with paddles is absolute heresy. I've always harbored a wish that one day I'll have my own 3 on 3 basketball court in my backyard one day, but I may have to amend that to include a game room with Beer Pong table and the official Lambda Chi Alpha rules on the wall.

I was all Katty-wum-puss (as my wife likes to say) this morning. Rode into work and didn't bring clean clothes to change into. I can't wear a stinky jersey all day. Luckily my friend Grey bailed me out with a t-shirt. I don't know why I think it's important that I mention such a trivial detail. I may as well tell you that the arch of my foot hurts. It does. Check the tour schedule for this guy John Vanderslice if he's going to be in your town go see him. It's good stuff and the bass player (Rob) and the drummer (Dave) are good buddies of mine. Tell them I say hi.

I guess I should write something about Jetset. The owed tax issue still looms. I doubt think it'll go away. I know the IRS has been wrong but it's far more likely given our businesses history that something got screwed up on our end. What sucks is that it takes them 3 years to find an error you don't know you made then you get charged penalty and interest. Fuckers.

Even the bad stuff seems good when the weather is like this. Glorious.

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