Tuesday, March 23, 2004

So of course I had a Gonzaga vs. Stanford final in the tournament. And now I look like a big boob for it. West coast bball certainly did not represent. I'm still rooting for Stanford in the NCAA womens, that Nicole Powell is a very good basketball player.

My bball league playoffs start tonight. I've been shooting the lights out for the last 4 weeks. Let's hope it continues. We'll play in the championship on Thursday if we win tonight.

Why isn't there a professional Capture The Flag game. I'm not talking about paintball so don't even mention it. I'm talking about a good old fashioned sneak through the underbrush, spend hours in a patch of poison oak, free the prisoners, game of Capture the Flag. I remember having great games with my cousins both in Santa Cruz and at Martha's Vineyard. Maybe it doesn't move fast enough for TV but we could add some hitch like if you didn't capture the other teams flag in 20 minutes you were set on fire. You could also sex it up by having the shirts of buxom female players get caught in the bramble and torn off. On second though perhaps a professional Kick-the-Can league. There's much more running involved and always the possibility that someone will kick the rock the can is sitting on instead of the can and break their foot. It would be even cooler if the league was sponsored by Hanna&Barbera so everyone would be dressed like sea monsters or giant mushrooms.

I've received a few emails about my blog on beer pong claiming that the non paddle version of Beer Pong is legitimate. Let me re-emphasize the fact the Beer Pong without paddles is no less than a horrid abomination dredged from the gooey depths of all that is wrong with the world. If you're throwing the ball then there is no "pong". The terms ping and pong are derived from the noise that the ball makes as it alternately hits the table and then the PADDLE. Thus ping-pong and from there we arrive at Beer Pong because Beer Ping would sound dumb. If you throw your ball at a cup of beer it's okay. Just call the game "cup toss" or "pong toss" or "beer cup chuck" or "Pong Ball Heave" just not Beer Pong. Thank you.

In further developments I've come to idolize Al Franken. Finally a liberal democrat that you can get behind and laugh with. There was a great profile of Al in last weeks New York Times Magazine. He's funny, intelligent, and willing to be as bellicose as those on the right. He's a fighter. I like both his attitude and his zeal. Demos need more Al Frankens and Howard Deans because the country needs to understand that being liberal doesn't = being a push over. It just means you're intelligent and able to think past the status quo arguements and perspectives that we are force fed every day.

I've got Rush Limbaugh pegged as a no paddle pong player. That makes him a tosser.

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