Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I've really been slacking off on the blogging. Must be the beautiful weather. Work is so much easier when the weather is nice, though I've made the fateful error of removing the front fender on my bike (because it was rattling so much not because I thought the rain was done for the season but the karmic Gods don't really care about mortal reasons) so it should rain soon.

I'm deep into the NCAA tournament selection process now. I've filled out 5 brackets on ESPN.com's tourney challenge. I'm sure I'll be the one to win the $10,000 prize with my astute predicitions based on fact, logic, statistics and mascot color. The sleeper is Pittsburg as a #3 seed. Please cut me in on your winnings.

My daughter has just completed reading her first book. "The Tin Man" which is a phonics related reading activity was finished yesterday on the porch. It's so exciting to see her doing these things, but also so sad to think about her growing up so quickly. I think we may have another kid though my wife and I have always been comfortable with one. Problem is that one is just going to grow up as well. It's a vicious cycle.

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