Thursday, March 11, 2004

I see the ETA is hard at work blowing up Spain. Always good to see that a group can hold steadfastly to its princples even after so many years. They've got the same tenacity as a woman scorned. I guess I could direct you to see my rant on the not so recent Chechnya bombing in Moscow to reveal my feelings on this sort of thing. I'm just so not down with violence as a political tool. This goes for the invasions of other countries as well as the falsifying of pretense to invade said countries. It just shouldn't be a viable alternative in this day and age and it points directly to our barbarity towards each other that it is.

So we were having trouble with the radio this morning and in my infinite wisdom I diagnosed the problem as having to do with the headset. So I foolishly took the whole thing apart in order to clean it out (years of gunk in that thing) and ended up not being able to get it back together. I lost a tiny part, couldn't get things back together, it was a nightmare and I was dispatching with a hand held the whole time. Turns out it was an outside service issue and not the headset. I finally put the thing back together by cannabilizing another headset. I hate feeling like an ass first thing in the A.M. I especially hate being the one to put myself in dopey situations.

If anybody has taken the time to see "The Passion of the Christ" I'd love to hear your reviews and comments. Email me or leave a comment.
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