Friday, March 12, 2004

Another beautiful day in California. But the bay area is very weird meteorlogically speaking. At least it is for someone from the East Coast. Riding my bike to work, at the northend of the GG Bridge its a lovely 65degrees with a light breeze, great riding weather. By the time I get to the center of the span its 45degrees and I'm totally fogged in, my sunglasses are misting over, the bridge fog horn is bellowing every 30 seconds, the traffic's tires hiss on wet pavement. Off the bridge and into the Presidio it's still foggy and cold but as I get closer to the Arguello gate I can see blue sky and temps coming up. By the time I'm on Sacramento street and headed through Laurel Heights towards the Western Addition it is once again 65 degrees Sunny and even the crack dealers seem to be in a good mood. Back home in Fairfax it's probably 75. In the East Bay hills the winds probably blowing at 30 miles per. Pick a climate I'm sure we've got it somewhere.

It's been pretty busy at work lately. This is a good thing. People make money. I think the economy's turning around, hopefully that won't mean an easy election for Mr. Bush. I think I'd be willing to wait 8 months for a serious increase in business if it means kicking Herr Bush out of the house that is white.

Man oh man am I getting excited about the NCAA's. I love the March Madness. I'm going to root west coast this year. It's all about Stanford or Gonzaga. I'm tired of Duke this and Duke that and Carolina Blue, blah, blah, blah. Although the ACC sure is strong this year. But so is the Pac 10. I loves me some basketball. Sometimes I wish I'd gone to a big state school instead of a tiny division III school so I could be a die hard fan of some obnoxiously huge basketball program. Instead I root for the Warriors (which most Div I college teams could probably beat) and get let down each year.

In the circles I tend to run in you can always tell that summer is coming because people start putting on benefits for their "camps" at the upcoming Burning Man festival. This saturday is a huge warehouse party with many DJ's and much debauchery I'm sure. I'm going to sit this one out. Sometimes you've got the party bug and sometimes you don't. I'd rather stay close Fairfax, have a drink at the tikki bar and see a movie.

There is some hope on the Jetset Tax front. We did have correspondence with the IRS in 2000 concerning underpayment of withholding taxes. It was, supposedly, resolved at that time. The back and forth continues, we'll see what happens and I'll let you know.

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