Monday, March 01, 2004

According to this article my wife and I married at the perfect age: Article.

Another of day rain here in the bay area and I don't mean that because the basketball team lost last night. It's been damp here for the last month and the black ants have invaded the house looking for reprieve. So naturally I kill them. I hate ants in the house. They're okay outside or on trees or rocks or leaves but not on my god damn carpet. I'm looking forward to summer. I like long days. I like warm and dry. I like good cycling weather and outdoor hoops.

Not much to rant about on the courier front today. My kid did a serious face plant on thursday and looks like she's wearing a piece of bacon on her face but otherwise all is well. She's resilient and is already non plussed by the horrified looks of strangers. It's not that bad really. All my injuries growing up were in the back of my head. I kept falling over backwards up to about age 14. Stitches in the back of the noggin 3 times. In high school I went to a barber to get my head shaved (I was too dumb to buy clippers and do it myself) and as he got to the back of my head he paused and said, "you get in fights with pipes alot?" I didn't really think I looked like the type for pipe fighting. I also assumed he meant hitting other people and getting hit with pipes as opposed to the syntactically awkward image of me wrestling around in the middle of M Street with a piece of lead plumbing pipe. Whatever.

Here's a question for all you bikers out there. On wet pavement what kind of tires gives you better traction, knobbies or slicks? As I understand it using a slick actually gives better traction on pavement because you want to have as much surface area in contact with the road as possible and knobbies only provide that sporadically as the wheel spins. I suppose it also has to do with the type of tire compound you're using (soft or firm, rubber or synthetic).

This band is really fun: The Darkness It's a guilty rock pleasure in a very 70's metal kind of way. If you ever had any affinity for Thin Lizzy or AC/DC these guys absolutely do it right. The vocals are insane as the guy runs the register in any given song. Humans shouldn't be able to hit highs and lows like that in one fell metal mad whoop.

I'll be back at work tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have something to bitch about. Word.
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