Friday, February 13, 2004

"Slow Deaf Child"

There are 3 possible permutations of the way this sign can interpreted:
1) As a notice to a driver that there's a deaf child potentially playing nearby. Slow down. Take it easy.
2) Watch out for a kid that's not only deaf but stupid as well.
3) If the deaf child has grown up and returned to his neighborhood as an adult having found his/her way in the world, experiencing success and failure, love and loss, the sign is cautioning him to slow down.

I like thinking about that. It makes my head happy. I lifted this premise from a poem by David Berman called (you guessed it) "Slow Deaf Child".

You know, sometimes I feel like the principal at a local high school. I'm all about dispute resolution having to do with the stupidest shit. The drama about my messenger hitting on the receptionist at my client's client's office has thickened. I spoke with the fellow about the situation and he professed such sincere confusion that I believe we may have a case of mistaken identity. This guy is many things but he's not a liar. In fact if he was hitting on the receptionist I believe he would've admitted it without hesitation. He says that a) he has a girlfriend b) during the delivery in question the usual reception wasn't even there c) he never dilly dallies in that office he's always in and out very quickly d) the last time he remember talking with this receptionist is about 5 months ago when she offered him a beer while he waited for a package to be ready.

So now I'm in the position of trying to figure out who, if any, of my messengers is responsible for the unwanted advances. The challenges with this are manifold: 1) I have no interest in further involving my client in this mess. She's got better things to do. 2) I do need to make sure the right person isn't paying visits to this receptionist. 3) Is it appropriate to go speak with receptionist apologizing on our behalf and figuring out exactly who it is?

I think I'll send my business partner Andy to speak with her. He's very diplomatic and also british. The chicks love the accent.
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