Tuesday, February 10, 2004

One of the nice things about Jetset is the lively conversation on the radio. For once I'm not being sarcastic. During slow periods we have some good debates. The crew is to the person intellignet and witty. Well, there are one or two loose screws who shouldn't speak, but isn't that normal? This AM we were talking about the Cooper death penalty case. The crew is pretty liberal and, predictably, convinced of Coopers innocence and much more willing to believe that the cops would plant or tamper with evidence to get a conviction than that a manipulative killer may try to escape lethal injection in any way possible. I find myself playing more of a devils advocate simply because I feel like so many liberals are willing to swallow the "liberal" line without their own thoughtful input. The irony is that I consider myself a liberal and am stongly anti- death penalty. I just want everyone to think about why they believe what they do.

Speaking of liberals, I really like Al Franken. He's intelligent, witty and combative. I don't think there's a conservative demagogue who can hold his coffee mug. Limbaugh, Savage and that skinny chick who looks likes Celine Dion are idiots. Flat out idiots. They speak loudly and in generalities knowing that the only people that pay attention to them are the masses already brainwashed to their message. This country is one big machine geared to keep people at each others throats because if we, as a people, put aside the minor differences that we have been convinced are major, we may actually realize that we live in a place owned and run by global corporations whose primary motivation is profit at the expense of freedom, equality and good sense.

But I digress. Or rant.

Did you see that the Warriors set an NBA record for lowest points in a quarter? They scored 2 points on 1-13 shooting (0-3 from the line) with 9 turnovers in a loss to the Raptors on Sunday night. Did I mention that they were up by 16 with 9 minutes to go. Unbelievable. Why do I root for these guys? Maybe I should get into Premier League soccer. I like those Manchester United jerseys.

Oh, btw if you don't already watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central. John Stewart is the next David Letterman only funnier. Much funnier.

Read something today.

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