Saturday, February 07, 2004

My thinking is that since it's Saturday I don't necessarily have to write about Jetset. In fact on weekends I try to think as little as possible about work. Let me start on the very mundane end of things. If you're looking for witty and entertaining you may just want to skip directly to something funny like this Red Meat. So Samantha is at a friends for a sleep over tonight. That means I get to go to the movies! Saw Cold Mountain. A bit depressing but ultimately a wondeful movie. Got a little weepy but it was dark so don't tell Tami. I know the movie is fictional (as the book was) but the ability of man to be despicable to man in new and interesting ways always just blows me away. I read in the paper today that the Chechen seperatists blew up a bomb on a subway car during rush hour. Hey guess what guys? I don't have any sympathy for your cause. None. You can eat shit. Killing a bunch of people on the way home from a long day at the vodka factory or vodka bottle assembly line or vodka quality inspection office is no way to garner favor with anyone. You may have the most righteous cause under the sun but the wholesale slaughter of innocents is no longer acceptable in this day and age. This little rant is directed towards Herr Bush, Sharon, Arafat, Bin Laden, Hezbollah, The Unholy Alliance of all that is Jihadist, etc. etc. You've all got your heads screwed on ass backwards. I haven't read the Koran or anything but i've gotta believe that Mohammed didn't really intend to use the "jihad" clause with the same frequency high school students forge "sick yesterday" notes for absences. At last count there were Jihads on Capt. Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers (successful ones as well it would appear), Tony Danza, Hooters Restaurants, and Quentin Tarantino. C'mon guys, it's losing its threatening value.

Hold it. I was talking about movies a second ago. If you haven't seen Lost In Translation, go see it. Just do it. Don't think about it, just go. Say to yourself, "Pete said to see it" and then go.

The Warriors actually won last night! They played great as they often do at home, now if we can get a road win or two perhaps the word respectable can be uttered in the same breath as Warriors.

Speaking of basketball tomorrow is my 4th league game of the season. We're 1-2 right now but we haven't played as well as we can. We should pull to .500 tomorrow. I haven't had a really good game yet this season. Steady but unspectacular. I'm not worried. I've yet to feel that really comfortable rhythm with my shot, that great sensation in which you know the ball is going in before you shoot it. Love that.

I've really been enjoying my commute on the mornings when I'm able to ride my bike at least part way. I've been parking the car on the north end of the Golden Gate bridge and riding to the office. Saves the $5 toll and gets my legs loose and blood flowing. It's the best kind of commute in that it has such a variety of environments. Off the bridge I drop into the Presidio which is usually quiet and peaceful. Alot of the roads I use are empty in the AM but the best part are the shortcuts. There are a couple of short trails that I use to cut off chunks of boring road riding. It's real muddy right now and I'm running road tire on the Surly Cross Check so traction has been an issue. But even that's fun because it's a technical challenge trying to find that balance between momentum, torque and traction. Can't lay hard on the pedal because the wheel will just spin out but must keep the bike moving forward or the whole purpose of riding has been defeated. I kind of end up with this rhythmic weighting and unweighting of the rear wheel by coming out of the saddle and leaning harder over the bars then dropping back to the saddle. It's trying to find the sweet spot that exists at the confluence of trail conditions, bike set up, and rider ability. My bike is set up as a 2 speed with 38x16 and 46x16 (or something like that I don't feel like getting up and counting teeth) thanks to the folks at Paul Components and this handy gadget Melvin. Fun bike but it needs an overhaul and I'm not willing to do it until the majority of the rainy season is over and it's only February.

One last thing. I'm tired of feeling guilty about liking Ryan Adams. First the hipsters love him then they decide he's derivative and uncool. He makes great records whether he's wearing his influences on his sleeve or not. I just think he's pissed too many people off. Much in the way that Howard Dean is now seen as unstable and unpresidential. I'm OK with Kerry but I think the fabled "liberal" media gave Dean the shaft in a big way. Get excited, try to scream, croak instead, lose momentum in national political scene. I've seen a million times.

As the kids like to say: Peace Out.
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