Thursday, February 12, 2004

Letter to the Editor

You can read my views on the iPod in the above letter to the editor that was published today in our local weekly.

Presidents Day is this Monday. That's one of those holidays in the messenger business that few people pay attention to. Banks, PO's, Gov, etc. will be closed but all our customers will be doing biz as usual so we must as well. Service industry makes you beholden to those who pay the dough.

This is a great magazine The Week it condenses tons of media into an easy to handle weekly. The cool thing is that it takes a high profile media issue and tells you what the Right is saying, what the Left is saying, and cites sources for further reading. It's a great way to get a broad basic view of an issue. Broad and basic. That's me these days.

This is the kind of crap I have to deal with. So one of the messengers has been hitting on a receptionist at a client of a client. That means a location that we go to frequently but one that is not our client. Well, I guess the receptionist decided she didn't like his flirting or advances and told him to knock it off. Since then he's been "rude" to her whenever he goes into that office. They receptionist complains to my client who then asks to make sure that he no longer sets foot in that office for a month or so. So I've gotta talk to the messenger, alert him to the situation, reiterate that his advances are no longer welcome in this case and too chill the fuck out. It's so much fun to manage personalities.
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