Friday, February 20, 2004

I'm far away from California right now. I'm at the old childhood home in Bethesda, Md. I'm visiting Mom for a few days. It's great to see her with Samantha (my daughter). Samantha's the only girl grandchild and I don't think she gets to see her enough, given that I live on the west coast now. It's always a bit strange returning to the place you grew up. It was odd when I was in college and returning, but I had not yet put down my own roots yet so this was still home. After college I lived in DC for many years and the proximity kept the house that I grew up in fixed with the "home" label. But now that I've been gone for 12 years, on the other side of the country, visiting only occasionally (some years not at all), this isn't "home" anymore. It's "where I grew up". But of course all comparisons are made to the place(s) that you come from. Even back in the bay area I find myself comparing towns to the one I grew up in. I see a tree lined street and think to myself, that looks alot like Chevy Chase or Bethesda. All references are to things that you've already done or places you've already been. That's obvious I guess, because rarely are we making concrete references to things in the future. Those are plans, dreams, hopes and they are not yet concrete. The tricky thing about the suburbs is always needing a car to get around. Here in Bethesda if I need to go and get a gallon of milk i have to get in the car. Nothings close, it's all spread out. Back in Fairfax there's a real feel of a town. I walk to the store or ride my bike to the bar. I could could potentially go weeks and weeks without needing to get in the car (though that never happens due to inherent laziness or inclement weather). It's just different.

Now's the time when i'm glad I have business partners. It's easy to go away from the business and not worry too much about it. i know things are in good hands. That's the drawback to having the pie sliced into larger pieces. There are fewer bodies to mind the shop. That's a completely different issue though, one that can be dealth with at a much later date.

As I think I mentioned in my last post I had to discipline a messenger due to his rudeness towards building security guards. The same guy emails me and asks if he can have an advance so he can get a new work bike. Remember what I said about being taken for granted? sheesh. But I'm not in this business to have my praises sung anyway.

I'll try to post as I can. Like LL Cool J said, "I'm goin' back to Cali, Cali, Cali..." next week.
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