Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The first month of 2004 is behind us and I'm truly surprised to find that it's alarmingly similar to 2003. Already we have: #9 called in drunk, LC moaned about his back all day, Capp spilled Museli all over the floor and then spent a good 10 minutes walking around in it before leaving it right where he spilled it. You get the picture. The mundanity is the struggle. I don't love my work. I guess I'm indifferent to it, but I recognize it's advantages. When I started Jetset almost 6 years ago I never really imagined that it would come this far. I saw a pet project that I would grow out of, instead it's become the monster constantly beating against the closet door. Fuck, it doesn' even wait for me to turn the light out, it's already there tapping its foot and getting cracker crumbs in the bed "where ya been, Pete?" The money sucks, I'm in my prime earning years and I ain't making nearly enough. But the reward is in the time. I work a 4 day week (as does everyone who wished to, this was an important tenet when we started this company), pretty much set my own hours and can take vacation as I please with minimal repercussions. This is all very good because I've got a beautiful 4 year old daughter who just makes me stop dead in my tracks, just the thought of her sometimes makes me stop what i'm doing. I'm 37 and constantly gripped by the dreaded fear of middle age. I know I'm a bit premature (I'm assuming that I'll live past 74 but maybe not). It's the curse of the ex-athlete. Being aware that your body is slowing down, that things don't move as quickly, your first step isn't fooling anyone, more jump shots than drives to the hole. Good days and bad days, sometimes I walk off the court so pleased that I could hang with the 22 year old. Others, heh.

But that's really not what I intended to write about, not directly anyway, but I suppose it's all part of the package. What I really mean to write about is Jetset Couriers and the love/hate relationship I have with it. We'll see how it goes.

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