Monday, November 22, 2004

Well in a victory for all of us closing in on 40 my basketball team won the league championship last night. My team was composed of a bunch of guys who I play at the YMCA with. Good guys all in all and we play well together since we play against/with each other a few times a week. We're are a bit older, though I'd say I'm the oldest, and we beat a team that we probably shouldn't have. Bunch of youngsters. I shot the lightouts and got clutch at the free throw line hitting six in a row (they were intentionally fouling) with time running out. Good stuff. And today I turn 38. Yet another aging athlete trying to hold on to his glory days. Sad, sad indeed.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

This has been taking up all my time. I'm just more excited about music than the mundanities of my life. If you spend some time at Bars & Guitars you can glean pretty much what I'm thinking about.

Here in SF the rains have begun. We've had at least 2 impressive storms that employed lightening and thunder to great effect. Really good old testament fire and brimstone house shaking stuff. Otherwise it's been a steady drizzle.

I'm off to las Vegas this weekend with wife and friends. I'm not much of a gambler, but after living in California for so long it's nice to go out in a city that doesn't shut down at 2am.

Samantha being in Kindergarten has been a really interesting social phenomenon. Once your kid gets into the local public school system it's amazing how engaged in the community you become. I've met the parents of most of the kids in Sam's kindergarten class and they are an interesting bunch. Made some good friends as well. Hopefully I'll know all these people all the way through Sam's high school, though in todays world there's so much moving around. One of the most interesting couples is two gay men who have 4 kids. One of them is sperm donor for all 4 kids and the same woman carried them all. So there's, obviously, a resemblance between them all. The kids range from 5 (Sam's best friend) down to 6 months. My God but those men are knee deep in poop for like 2 1/2 more years. Wonderful people, so witty and such wonderful parents. It makes you wonder why people are so opposed to gay marriage. I've got news for you, "the gays" have absolutely no interest in your life. They're just trying to live, love, and get by like the rest of us. Destroying western society as we know it isn't even on their radar, but I guess everyone needs something or someone to villify. Sin is Jethro living in Creepy Hollow, Ky with a 15year old cousin for a bride or degenerate alcoholic straight people being allowed to breed unregulated, not 2 healthy intelligent people who love each other trying to make a life.

Thus endeth the ramble.

Peace to all.

Friday, October 29, 2004

It's been nine days since I posted here and I haven't been on vacation, had a horrendous injury, contracted a miserable case of carpal tunnel, I've just been obsessed with the music blog and frankly find writing about music (something I love) much more exciting than writing about my life (which strikes me as modestly interesting at its most ebullient). But I have some kind of weird kinship to this little blog much in the same way that people have a tendency to get attached to inanimate objects. I mean, I could never just delete it. It's much easier to ignore it for days at a time. If you're really wondering what I've been thinking about all this time it's this:


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

So I've been spending alot of time with Bars & Guitars, clearly neglecting this little spot. I was thinking today about something that Gwadzilla wrote recently regarding an email exchange we had. I had told him that working on Bars & Guitars was a bit of a dream job for me, except that I don't get paid. Despite his mild protestations I'm going to stick with that original declaration. His point was that every dream becomes a job once it's an everyday thing. I was bike messenger once and probably dreamed that owning a messenger company would be the best thing in the world. Truth is I never really believed that at all. I loved being a bike messenger, but knew I didn't want to and indeed couldn't physically do it forever. There was no mental stimulation in the job and in alot of ways it was a way to kill time as I waited for better things to happen. I moved into the office and became a first rate dispatcher, eventually seizing an oppurtunity when I saw it starting my company. None of things that had gone before were dream jobs. I certainly never dreamt of owning a messenger company or any company of any kind for that matter. It was an oppurtunity and I took it. Music is a different story. Music is a love, not a dream. If you love something you probably won't tire of it. Of course I'm not talking about key lime pie or the feel of leather seats. I'm talking about something that awakens you both intellectually and emotionally. It makes you think, drives you to find out more and makes you want to be actively engaged with it. Being engaged with it can mean doing it (though I'm no musician), producing it (I don't know what working for a record label is like), or writing about it. The writing part I can do and the more I do it the more I like it. I don't need to get paid to do it. It's simply something that I want to do, if that translated into monetary compensation at some point...well, great. A dream job is first knowing the dream when you stumble upon it, a dream job doesn't grow from a job into a dream. It must start on the other end.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I've been putting so much time into the music blog Bars & Guitars that I've been a bit neglectful over here. Truth is, aside from the new blog my life is a bit dull at the moment. Though that's not to imply that at other moments I'm living a life far more exciting than yours dear reader. Here's the synopsis:

-I'm not riding my bike enough.
-My basketball team keeps losing.
-Bush is a dirty bastard.
-NBA season is fast approaching and it's up to the Warriors to make up for the dissappoint that is the other bay area teams.
-Samantha loves Kindergarten.
-My wife has officially graduated from business school and can now claim to be a Master at something.
-I can't remember the last time I saw a movie.
-There's tons of good music out there.

Please direct any specific questions to the comment link or email me.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Not feeling super talkative today. I've been working hard on the music blog. Check it out: Bars & Guitars What I did want to post is the upcoming schedule for the show Austin City Limits. If you don't know, Austin City Limits is the last really delicious music show left. They feature two bands or artists on any given show with half dedicated to each. I'm finally starting to feel like the void that the departure of Solid Gold left is now starting to be filled. As you scan the schedule be impressed by some of these offerings: Wilco w/ Bright Eyes, Elvis Costello, Spoon w/ Ben Kweller, The Pixies, The Flaming Lips w/ The Shins, good God it's a veritable smorgasborg of delicious slow roasted music with gravy.

Check it here

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I tried to watch the vice prez debate. I just couldn't. It's something about Cheney. He makes me crazy. He's sweaty and bald and doughy. Granted Edwards is an airbrushed, toned down, blander version of RFK but still at least he doesn't make your skin crawl. In fact I bet he makes some of the ladies skin do the exact opposite.

Does anyone else love good frozen food? The Annie's, the Ethinic Gourmet, all the Trader Joe's stuff. Forget the wheel, mankind really leaped ahead when we invented the microwave. It's not the I don't like to cook, I do, it's just that everything I cook comes out the same no matter what it is: slightly bland and yet a little too salty. I'm the same way with carpentry: make a chair that looks ok (maybe a little crooked) but for the love of God don't try to sit on it.

What is it with little girls and putting on shows? Samantha spent like an hour last night performing for me. She had costume changes, lighting (me holding a flashlight), Music, dancing. It was frickin' hilarious. She's got some moves too. Her Grandma says that Tami did the same thing when she was little. Is it a girl thing or a genetic thing. I tell ya she's gonna be a star.

Work related: The price change seems to have gone fairly smoothly. No complaints. The huge problem right now is trying to collect money from the Gap. It's not like they don't have any money, it's a Kafkaesque maze of mid level accountants that we're dealing with. They owe us almost $30,000. You try to get the money it's "resend that invoice", "we never received it", "the format isn't right". The killer is that if one of their job numbers is incorrect (if their people give us the wrong one or we get it wrong) they don't pay the entire invoice. So in a typical month they bill to like 80 different job numbers. If the one for $6 is wrong, they don't pay the entire $6,500 bill. The kicker is that they don't tell you that it's wrong. It'll be months before you hear that a certain invoice has to be resent. Frustrating. Chasing money around and around and around.

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